Bucksport Groups endorse independent community Bucks’ Bucks program

Beginning Tuesday, May 12, Bucks’ Bucks will be on sale every Tuesday and Thursday from 8am to 7pm.

In the same spirit as “Pay It Forward”, the town funded relief program also supported by Andy and Shelby Silvernail, and the idea that “we are all in this together”, a new community fund called Bucks’ Bucks has started with $4,000 in private donations. 

The fund is endorsed by Main Street Bucksport, the Bucksport Bay Area Chamber of Commerce, and Bucksport Heart & Soul. With a goal of $10,000 in donations from individuals wanting to help our town, its business community, and groups like Bucksport Community Concerns, we encourage those that can to give generously towards this goal. Donations can be made directly to the Bucks’ Bucks Fund at Bangor Savings Bank and by mail (PO Drawer P in Bucksport) or in the secure drop-off box at the Main Street Bucksport office at 20 Central Street. Donations can also be made by debit or credit card through the Main Street Bucksport or Bucksport Bay Area Chamber of Commerce websites. Per IRS rules, donations to this fund are not tax deductible. For further donation details, contact Brook at Main Street Bucksport, 207-479-3933 or brook@mainstreetbucksport.org.

Bucks’ Bucks will be sold beginning Thursday, May 7. 100% of all donations will be used to double the value of a $10 Bucks’ Bucks which can be used to purchase $20 worth of local goods, services, or gift certificates at a participating Bucksport business and organizations impacted by the shutdown. Businesses accepting the $10 Bucks Bucks will then be reimbursed $20 from the fund. They get needed business and the buyer gets a really good deal during a tough time.

To sign your business up to participate, just fill out a short and simple form by clicking HERE. All the info. you need is there. It’s free and simple to do. Once you sign up, you will receive instructions on how to redeem the Bucks’s Bucks you accept at your business. If you have any questions, contact Brook at 207-479-3933 or brook@mainstreetbucksport.org.

The other way to use your $10 Bucks’ Bucks is to give it to Bucksport Community Concerns. They turn it in for $20, effectively doubling your donation to them. You can even give one to someone you think could use it even more than you and they get the good deal.

Everybody wins. It helps Bucksport businesses, it helps Bucksport Community Concerns, it helps Bucksport citizens get a good deal or double a donation, and it helps donors to the fund do good things for their town.

Starting May 7, you can purchase Bucks’ Bucks at either website using a debit or credit card. To purchase Bucks’ Bucks using cash or check, contact Brook at Main Street Bucksport, 207-479-3933 or brook@mainstreetbucksport.org.

Participating businesses currently include:

Blush Salon and Boutique
Bucksport Community Concerns
Bucksport House of Pizza
Bucksport Veterinary Hospital
Kathryn’s Antiques
Clover Leaf Farm, LLC
Crosby’s Drive In
Edgewater Properties, LLC
Friars’ Brewhouse Taproom
Edwards Kitchen, Artisen Home Baking
Friars’ Brewhouse Taproom
Glenn’s Place
Huckleberries Card and Gift
Ming’s Restaurant
Northeast Historic Film/ The Alamo
Paws Wings and Things Kennel
Port O’ Call
Stubborn Cow Glass
Sundial Framing and Photography, LLC
Toziers Bucksport Variety
Verona Wine and Design
Warren’s Waterfront Restaurant
Yoga with Naomi